Katsaral snuff (the one we use)


Strength: subtle and mystical

Color: Light brown.

Granulation: Talc.

Aroma: Ceremonial and sweet

All our jars contain 7 to 8 grams of snuff.


We do not really know what plant it is or how it is spelled, since the name comes from the sound it is used spoken in the indigenous language.

Katsaral is a plant used by the Shanenawa ethnic group in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

It is used to relieve pain, the shaman of the tribe bathes the patient in its leaves or smokes the plant to cure.

It is a soft monkfish, but very mystical, comforting and deep.

It relieves emotional densities, anxiety and depression.

It is quite complicated to obtain this blade for this monkfish, hence the higher price, but for me, it is the most balanced.