Unblocks the energetic/emotional densities of the body


Ambil is obtained from the slow cooking of tobacco leaves. The result of this reduction is a black paste with an intense flavor.

Ambil as a complement to snuff

One of the properties of ambil is to help with the processes of purging and elimination of densified energies in the body.

Snuff lowers consciousness to the body and eliminates the mind. Once the snuff acts, you may notice discomfort and discomfort, the result of an excess of mind or unprocessed emotions.

This is when the ambil can help you to expel those energies that should not be there in the first place.

How to use it

Take a bead the size of a small pearl, and suck on it as if it were a sugus.

This will provoke a reaction in the body and probably make you want to vomit.

Concentrate on the discomfort and the feeling of disgust to help vomiting.

Ambil is not an entheogen, so it is a fairly safe medicine, and you can take it several times until you are satisfied with the process.

If after the use of ambil and snuff there are densities in your body that you can not get rid of, then you need help with more potent plants, write us a whatsapp and we’ll talk.