For the snuff to work, it has to be projected forcefully through the nose.
The kuripe is used to project this monkfish onto oneself. The longest part goes into the nostril, and the shortest part into the mouth. This self-blower is usually made of bamboo, like the ones we have in this store, or bone.


Where to buy kuripe

If you already bought the snuff, now you’re wondering where to buy a Kuripé . On our website you can buy a kuripé to consume snuff, being this the most popular accessory among users.

Due to its preparation, the snuff needs to be projected with force through the nasal passages in order to work. Therefore, this accessory is used to carry the snuff to the inner part of your body. It is easy to use. The long end goes directly into the nostril and the short end is placed in the mouth. Kuripé is made with the best quality bamboo.

You can’t choose the design of these basic Kuripes, but if you want a solid wood kuripe with a unique design, you can have a look here: www.lujochamanico.com