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There are two varieties of snuff. Medicinal snuff and ceremonial snuff, the medicinal snuffs have properties, detoxifying, soothing and anti-viral.

Ceremonial snuff is characterized by being the most mystical snuff. Its main property is to cut the flow of thoughts, calm the mind and body and connect you with consciousness. Aside from anchoring you in the present, these snuffs also share some of the benefits of medicinal snuffs.

Our snuffs and kuripies are made with love by Brazilian artisans. Part of the proceeds go directly to them.

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I've been using snuff for a few years now, and of all that I've tried I can say that has the best of the best 😜.

Ceremonial practitioner

Once you live in the present everything becomes surprising. We become spontaneous people. We appreciate life as the gift that it is. Snuff is one more resource, an effective and direct help for moments when even the mind is noisy. Snuff for me is the tap on the shoulder... my "don't get distracted".
A pleasure to have met him thanks to you.

Spiritual teacher

"Snuff is a tool for my spiritual path: it helps me connect with myself and stop the mind.
It is a sacred medicine.... It accompanies me in my rituals and meditations. It helps me in my personal process"....
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Snuff lover

In the depths of the Brazilian Amazon, the famous snuff is produced. It is a powder made from millenary plants, tobacco being its essential component. It is used in both physical and spiritual medicine. Therefore, many people wonder how to buy snuff online or where to buy snuff from Amazon.

The mixture of this powder is made up of vegetables and minerals that the indigenous people of the area have been using for thousands of years. This mixture is toasted in the embers or the tobacco is made ash to obtain the snuff. It can be taken in two ways: individually or as a ritual where you can be guided by an expert. It should be noted that during the ceremonies the doses are stronger and include deep processes of understanding of the being.

Thanks to its popularity and expansion, more and more people are interested in buying snuff online . On our website we offer you the best product you can find on the European continent, imported from Brazil. We have an extensive catalog where we offer snuff and accessories for meditation for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

We have a great variety of products, making us the best option to buy Brazilian snuff . In our offer we have the following types: Eucalyptus, Propolis, Tsunu, Samaúma, White Jurema, Cedar and Yerbabuena.

The purchase of snuff in Spain not only involves buying the powder, it is also necessary to buy accessories, such as Kuripe and Tepi; which are the utensils used to consume the mixture.

Thanks to our experience, we can assure you that the snuff we sell on our website is one of the best snuffs you will find in Europe. We have guaranteed quality, and we are endorsed by hundreds of satisfied customers with our different types of snuff.

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Likewise, if you need attention after receiving your order, we will be happy to assist you. We will explain how to use the product or accessories once you have them in your hands.

Undoubtedly, buying Amazon snuff on our website is a good decision. We have the medicinal snuff that has detoxifying, soothing and anti-viral properties.

On the other hand, we offer ceremonial snuff, which is characterized by its mysticism. It has many properties, but, the most outstanding is that it cuts the flow of thoughts, calms the mind and body to establish a connection with consciousness. It also has medicinal benefits.

Last but not least we offer snuff accessories highlighted by kuripes and tepis, made with love by Brazilian artisans.

In European and world culture, the famous snuff has become increasingly popular. Surely, you still do not know about it, but we will tell you about it and where to buy it in Madrid.

Basically, it is a mystical powder that is made right in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, specifically in Brazil. In some parts of the world, you can find it sold under the name “snuff”. The powder is a mixture of tobacco leaves, plants and some minerals used by tribes for thousands of years. Its preparation is simple, the ingredients are dried, ground and finally flavored to be consumed.

Thus, the ancestors consider snuff as sacred medicine, which should not be used recreationally. The use of this product involves body, mind and spirit, hence its great potency. Users of snuff powder have found that its use provides total relaxation, calms the mind and provides concentration, firmness and clarity.

This millenary mixture has a basic composition. However, nowadays, there are other types and modifications of snuff on the market, which seek to satisfy the tastes and needs of all customers. So we will tell you where to buy snuff in Madrid.

If you are in the Spanish capital you don’t have to worry or go to thousands of stores because we have an option that you can’t miss. On our website we are dedicated to sell online a great variety of snuff and its accessories. However, selling online does not diminish the quality of the product because it has a 100% quality guarantee. This snuff is made by Brazilian hands with ingredients cultivated in the tribes.