Snuff is a growing medicine and more and more people are starting to use it.

It is a safe and very useful medicine.

Snuff can be used to remove addictions, stop the overactive mind, eliminate anxiety or stress.

We always say that snuff is 2 medicines in one. One when it is made in small quantities and another when it is made in large quantities.

Begoña is an expert shaman in the use of snuff with hundreds of ceremonies of experience, and can help you both in recommending its uses and applications, and in guiding you through a deep shamanic purging experience without leaving your home by conference.

Interview with Begoña

Begoña, why did you specialize in the use of snuff?

I use snuff because it is a fast, handy, readily available, safe, potent, and effective medicine to use and very safe for all people, as well as inexpensive in proportion to other medicines.

Why do I like to help people in the process?
Because that makes me happy.

How does snuff help you?

It helps me a lot to feel where the blockages and resistances are so I can leave them behind, and it also gives me clarity for life in general and to do what I do now. Without medicine I would not be able to inhabit the energetic states I now easily occupy.

What do you need from the people you help in a snuff process?

I need the person to be aware of why they are looking for me and why they require my services, confidence in the process and in the medicine itself and responsibility for themselves, blowing a snuff is not a game, you have to respect the medicine and what it does for us.

Do you do in-person ceremonies as well as online?

Yes, they can be done in person at the person’s home or in a place for several people, in this case I will move if necessary from my autonomous community but the price will not be the same since the travel and food will be paid by the client.

Online services:

1- Initiation session with recommendations (30 min) 25€.

2- Deep purging experience (2h Max) 60€ 60€.

On-site services:

To be consulted


“Bego is clear and direct in accompanying you to manage the process and in telling you what you already know, as well as encouraging you, supporting you with love and patience and helping you to harmonize and expand the energy. She is with you as long as it takes, until the cleansing is finished and that is not paid for? She feels you and she is with you until the end, giving you strength.”


“Taking snuff with Begoña’s support was a great boost and support. She encourages you, and helps you in the process at all times. Excellent the way she does it.


“A person who knows how to handle herself in the world of energies. She accompanies you, makes you feel very good in the process. She is an expert in that in my experience. Knowledgeable about snuff and its uses, she is with you no matter what, breathing, feeling the processes. Thank you.”


“Begoña guides me in each session with the mastery of someone who knows medicine in depth. Her accompaniment is firm and tender in its right measure, I know at all times that she is taking care of me despite the harshness of taking the snuff. I feel very safe and I trust her completely.”