About Us

Our Mission

It is to facilitate the acquisition of one of the most powerful and effective tools to combat overthinking and emotional overload, which prevents us from enjoying life.

Snuff is an important part of our life, it helps us to stay in the body and stop the cycles of thought that do not let us have clarity.

Our sole purpose is to provide the best snuff and to teach how to use its properties.

What is Anglerfish?

Snuff is a shamanic medicine from Central and South America, composed mainly of macerated tobacco powder and ashes from trees sacred to the indigenous people.

This powder is blown through the nostrils by means of a blower called kuripi (if you blow it to yourself) or tepi (if you blow it to another person).

Snuff is a direct and resounding medicine, it is a handbrake of discursive thinking, it brings consciousness to the body and refines the senses.

This medicine is not characterized by its narcotic effect but on the contrary, it brings you back to a state of balance and harmony, even to the altered states caused by our own mind.

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