Cocoa Rapé


Cocoa Rapé

Strength: Intense and sweet

Color: Dark brown.

Granulation: Talc.

Aromatic. Pure cocoa aroma.

All our jars contain 7 to 8 grams of snuff.

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Scientific name: Theogroma cacao

Family: Malvaceae


Class: Magnoliopsida

Snuff cacau is traditional for some Amazonian ethnic groups, including the Paumari and Jamamadi, inhabitants of the southern Amazon, being used by these native peoples in spiritual rituals for the purpose of connection, cleansing and expansion of consciousness.

Cocoa has properties that help to:

Helps regulate cholesterol

2. Regulates the intestine

3. Helps reduce inflammation

4. Lowers blood pressure

You can notice the jungle bitterness of pure cocoa from the first use.