Snuff is legal in Spain

Snuff in Spain has achieved great popularity. When it began to be used in Spain (more information in the origin of snuff) the phrase “echar un polvo” was coined, referring to when aristocrats went to a more intimate space to consume snuff .

There are many doubts and questions about whether it is legal to consume snuff snuff in Spain, and the answer is yes, if it is legal consumption, trade and distribution of snuff in Spain . The anti-tobacco law allows snuff, there are even containers of up to 20 grams. Since it is not a psychoactive substance, there is no prohibition on its use.

Snuff consumption in Spain

As we know, snuff is tobacco powder mixed with other herbs and natural elements from the Amazon rainforest, which integrates a diversity of plants, tree bark and ashes for its preparation and has benefits on the body at a physical and spiritual level.

In snuff ceremonies, it is used to open the way and the mind. It is even used before shamans or tribal leaders meet to make important decisions.

In the case of Spain, its use is becoming more popular, although there are few ways to get it because there are few brands that market it. In Ibiza in recent years it is very fashionable, among the vendors of the street markets that populate the island. “In Ibiza it is very fashionable, in summer it is sold in many of the street markets”, says one of the Spaniards who buys snuff in Brazil and sells it among his friends (source:

Not everything is rosy, as it is recommended to use snuff at most two to three times a week if you are in search of healing, cleansing and spiritual detoxification.

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