Shamanic snuff

This type of snuff is one of the most sacred. The snuff is prepared by the shaman of the tribe, giving it great fineness, both to the tobacco and to the plants to be integrated.

For the shaman, it is essential to integrate the ash from the tree bark, but not just any bark ash, but the white ash that is obtained by the uniformity with which the bark is burned, from which the white ash is released. Cinder is the chemical activator that gives strength to the mixture.

The shamanic snuff stands out for the effect it provides, which is more stimulating and helps to improve the user’s perception, so that, in that way, the snuff ritual is a lighter input and you can focus your mind and thoughts.

How to prepare shamanic snuff

In order to prepare the shamanic snuff, it should be noted that this snuff can not be prepared by anyone, but must be made by the shaman of the tribe. The preparation of snuff is not simple, since, although it has the same components as other snuffs (in general), it requires the fundamental component of ash. White ash is needed in order to prepare the shamanic snuff ingredients mixture.

The ash of shamanic snuff

Ash is the chemical activator of snuff. The experts in preparing snuff, know perfectly well how to burn the bark to obtain a good result. The fire should not burn too hot, but it should not be too soft either. The most widespread belief is that, in the process of burning the bark, the mood is transferred, so it is essential that the person who is in charge of it, has a positive intention and mood.

Obtaining the white ash is not easy, because when the wood is burned, the cellulose combusts, leaving the salts and alkaloids. From the spiritual point of view, the ashes represent the body of the bark in concentrated form, containing the mineral salts necessary to achieve the desired effect.

How to consume shamanic snuff?

This type of snuff should not be consumed alone, as it needs its shaman and someone to be aware of the ritual, both for the strength of the shaman and the snuff itself.

The effects are very varied, although mainly, it manages to enter into your consciousness and thoughts, in order to correct each of your fears and mistakes that you may have.

Shamanic snuff as a spiritual use

Shamanic snuff focuses more on spiritual and ancestral use, as with shamanic snuff we can explore the corners of our dreams, thoughts, memories and see our energy connections and our body. As for the physical part, it does not act much in our body since it does not have that purpose, but it starts from the initial point of our mind and spirit to begin the revision of each part of your spirit, mind and being.

It is recommended to do the ritual while fasting because the shamanic snuff is very strong and can cause dizziness and vomiting.