Yopo snuff What is it?

This type of snuff integrates it in addition to its original composition, yopo, which is a type of seed extracted from a jungle tree native to Venezuela. Through the exploration of new plants to make snuff, this mystical tree was found, whose effects captivated the indigenous people, who recognize it as a tree for physical cleansing and spiritual connection.

They comment that the yopo gives an effect like the fusion of Ayahuasca and bufo alvarius. That is, this tree gives a higher effect and provides a deeper connection at a spiritual level, so you can make a deeper cleansing and connect with your true feelings, leaving the ego aside to have a better connection with your consciousness.

Yopo as a natural medicine

Yopo is called a natural medicine for love, as this type of snuff connects you more to the feelings of love, understanding and we can engage in a deeper conversation with people who are going through the same process as us.

The yopo experience

The experience of yopo begins from the moment you make the decision to do this ritual and drink a liquid containing caapi. It acts as a natural element relaxing and chemically preparing the body for the change it is about to undergo.

Here, the real experience begins 5 minutes after the inhalation of the yopo. Unlike other snuffs, this one starts to warm up the body and gives a tingling sensation. The body begins to feel the cleansing and awareness of the body and proceeds to start vomiting due to the detoxification and unblocking of energy in all its energetic channels.

At that moment, the visions begin, which serve the purpose of bringing into play the various mechanisms that are to give firmness to the thoughts. It is necessary to perform this step in order to have control to open new receptive perspectives. This process helps us to step out of the habitual, out of the role we play day by day, so we can see what we really are.

Testimonials about yopo

A variety of testimonies abound of people who, after having experienced this ritual, give a sense to start this purification process, to all those things, religions and grudges that bind and choke us. This ritual helps many to get out of depression or addiction. The Master Guide assures that it is the ideal complement to find transformation and healing.

People who have lived this experience recommend doing it so that you can have the change and transformation you need to improve yourself.